Thursday, August 28, 2008

Even a School Kid Can Make Money Online - Part II

Second - The second purpose of an article is submit to article directories. This is also good for your website in that you can get traffic from the link to your web page in the resource section of the article, and also a link back to your page from the directory that will help your Google PageRank. Again, however, this is no good to a School Kid with no website. So what do they do?

Affiliate marketing! In affiliate marketing you make money by selling products belonging to other people in return for a commission. If you are marketing goods that can be delivered online, such as eBooks and software, your commissions average around 50% of the sales price, but can be even higher.

Most people promote affiliate products from their website or blog, but School Kids can’t do that so how can a School Kid make money online using articles? To answer that, let’s take a step back and discuss the normal way of promoting affiliate products. You would usually design a web page either to review an affiliate product or to write a bit about how it help you to solve a problem.

It’s not your job as an affiliate marketer to sell the product, but to pre-sell it, and reviews and write-ups help to do that. You then provide a link to the merchant’s sales page, and the merchant makes the sale, takes the payments, delivers the product and deals with queries and complaints. All you do is get prospects to your landing page (your review page) and then sit back and wait for the paycheck.

There is another way, however. You can send the prospect directly to the merchant’s sales page and bypass the review stage. Merchants manage to sell very well without needing your input. If you send somebody straight to the sales page, you don’t need a website: in fact you don’t need anything of your own except your computer and an internet connection.

Starting to get the picture now? The School Kid fires up the laptop, registers for an affiliate program, writes a few articles stressing various problems people could have trying to make money online, and then proves the link to the merchant’s sales page as providing a product that will solve the problem. He sends the articles off to a hundred or so article directories and waits. People read the articles, click the link and buy the product. Simple: and it works as easy as it sounds.

This is no pie-in-the-sky harebrained idea: this actually makes a lot of people a lot of money. The School Kid gets the commission paid into an online account, and has made money without needing a red cent of capital to get started. That’s how even a School Kid can make money online: articles and affiliate programs. No wonder article writing’s alternative online name is ‘School Kid marketing’!

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