Monday, August 4, 2008

Even a School Kid Can Make Money Online - Part I

It’s true! Even a School Kid can make money online. I bet you thought you had to have loads of capital, a website that you pay for each month and a home. Not true! Anybody can make money online without any money to start with at all, even a School Kid or a bum. Well, let me restate that: even a School Kid or a bum with a laptop (or access to a library). Nobody can go anywhere online without a computer, and if you don’t have a permanent address then it has to be a laptop, or you need to visit the library.

How the School Kid got the laptop is something for their parents to worry about, and nothing to do with this article, so don’t dwell on it. Grab a cup, sit back and listen. Take notes if you have to. There are a zillion ways to make money on the internet, but most of them need some form of working capital, you know, money to promote your endeavor after you buy into whatever it is you have decided to market online.

These network marketing programs you might have heard about are not free, not inexpensive, not cheap, they cost a lot of money: you either pay good money for the product you have to sell, pay good money to enter the program or pay your hard earned cash for leads and advertising material. They also take a lot more time to set up and make money from than most people are prepared to give. Not to mention the sweat equity involved in contacting all those leads you developed and trying to convince them that your network marketing business opportunity is the one that will make them rich!

Have you heard of article marketing? Just about anyone with a presense online has heard about article marketing, and they use article marketing to promote their blogs and websites. The usual purpose of writing an article is two-fold:

First - To use as content for their webpage. The best online advertising you can get is to be listed on the first page of a search engine for a keyword relating to the content of your web page. It doesn’t matter wher that web page is located; on a website; on a blog; or even on a Squidoo lens. This type of free advertising can get you a lot of highly targeted traffic, because those that reach that listing on Google, for example, got there by using a search term, or keyword, relating to your page.

Is this really free advertising? Well, sorta. But not if you had to pay for the website you’re trying to promote. So if you were a School Kid you wouldn’t be in that position. You would have no website, hence no Google traffic.

I know it's a cheap trick, but . . . . Check back next week for part 2 of Even a School Kid can Make Money Online.

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